Martha Broad – MA
Cindy Boulter  – MA
Jane Ceraso – ME
Ben Cmejla – NY
Dan Cmejla – VT
Susan Crane – MA
Jennifer Dutrow – MD
Daryl Dutrow – MD
Jon Hinck – ME
Stephen Lowe – ME
Patty Magie – NH
Karen O’Neill – MA
David Rinehart – CA
Kathyrn Roberts – CA
Melissa Rollins – MA
Lee Steppacher – VT
Dan Shepard – VT
Brian Tarbox – MA
Glenn Tarullo – MA
Matt Wilson  – MA

Special thanks to the following people:

Melissa Rollins

Marketing Resources
Stow, MA
Melissa volunteered her graphic arts, marketing, business, and organizational skills to contribute to the success of the Roll/Stroll.

Rose Srebro

Art Director / Color Consultant
Rose Srebro Design+ Color

Rose who helped out on a previous fundraising gala once again came to my aid. Rose’s beautiful taste in design and color created our amazing logo.

Steven Biondolillo

Biondolillo Associates Inc.

Thanks for the early advice on the framing of the Roll/Stroll.