Impact of Climate Change

Climate change has disrupted food availability, reduced food access, and affected food quality. Increases in temperatures, changes in precipitation patterns, more frequent extreme weather events, and reductions in water availability impact agricultural productivity. As a result, many more people will be displaced and even become climate refugees.

  • Number of the last seven years that were the warmest on record: 7
  • Average temperature increase since pre-industrial levels: >1°Celsius/1.8° Fahrenheit
  • Rate of warming since 1975 compared to the previous 21,000 years: approximately 50 times faster
  • Decrease in food production attributed to climate change since 1961: 21%
  • Cause of most forced displacements of people around the world: climate change, not violent conflicts

The pandemic is highlighting the severity of world-wide hunger. We must ACT NOW to avoid the additional impact of climate change.

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