Climate Change

Pandemic – a harbinger of climate change’s impact on global hunger!

The pandemic lays bare the weaknesses in our food production and supply chains.

Unfortunately, the pandemic is only a harbinger of how climate change will impact food supplies and hunger around the world. Climate change and related natural disasters are disrupting food production. We need to act now.

But what do we do?

Floods, droughts, intense heat, warming and acidification of the oceans are all impacting wheat, corn and other staple crops. Meat, the availability of fish from the sea are both impacted. Diseases and pests affecting humans, animals and plants are proliferating as never before.

We need to recognize the risks that climate change poses to food for our children. The risks are even more dire, for our grandchildren and future generations. we must minimize the extent of climate change. Building resilience to create redundant food supplies, and change our ways of eating is critical.

We can still eat well and save the planet. It just takes more thought.

What natural disasters are are being caused or exacerbated by climate change? What are all of the greenhouse gases and what everyone of us can do to reduce these emissions? What humanitarian catastrophes are being caused by the direct and indirect impacts of climate change?

Climate events and efforts to stop them will be discussed in real time.

Occasionally, recipes and poetry will creep in so not always to be talking of impending doom.

Images and infographics will concretize the climate change and hunger topics discussed.

The cascading impacts of climate change on people around the globe are real as are the amazing people and actions in the fight contain this monster. Environmental justice is essential in combating this crisis.

Despite the current conflict in Ukraine, the only way to combat the crisis of climate change is to realize that together. The thermostat can and must be reset. The resilient food chain we need to overcome this immense disaster is possible.

Hope that you will join us as we take this journey.

As Desmond Tutu, one of the great opponents to South African apartheid said,

“Do your little bit of good where you are; it’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.”